To the bold, curious, and creative:
we want to talk to you.

Interested? Join Us.

Interns: Please apply using the Google student portal.

Life as a Skyboxer

  • Work with an amazing team on a bold vision. Frankly, there's no time for egos here.
  • Flexible vacation policy.
  • Catered meals. We call it the "Skybox-15".
  • Up to 100% health, dental, vision benefits. Up to 75% for dependents.
  • We encourage you not to park your family at the door.
  • Continuous stream of sports activities.

It is physically, mentally impossible to have a dull day at Skybox.

Our Values

The following are the values we work by and play by on our path to success, and they will not change whether we are a 100-person company or a 1,000-person company.

  • Honesty

    We expect the highest level of honesty and integrity. Err on the side of full-disclosure. Have the fortitude to do the right thing, all the time.

  • Transparency

    We are committed to a culture of free-flowing, unfiltered, transparent communication – in good times and bad.

  • Fun

    This is a once-in-a-lifetime mission with an unfairly talented collection of teammates. Embrace the journey.

  • Collaboration

    Our best work occurs when we integrate early and often, and when our employees collaborate across departments. Continually be in learning-mode from the people around you.

  • Creativity

    Our speed of innovation and creativity will be one of the hallmarks of the Skybox story. It goes without saying that we have an exceptionally creative team, but we can never be creative enough.

  • Action

    Bias towards action. Get things done and don’t cut corners. Always think about ways you can continue to move the mission forward.

  • Respect

    Treat everyone – regardless of whether they are a fellow teammate, a janitor, or a billionaire – with unwavering equality and respect.

  • Success

    Take pride and ownership in your successes. Be intolerant of mediocrity.