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Team Manager


The team manager is the principal person in charge of organising a Frivolous team playing in a local or interstate competition. These competitions include local leagues as well as local, regional, and national tournaments.


The team manager is directly responsible to the Frivolous committee and the members of the team.

The team manager should:

  • Recruit players for the team.
  • Coordinate the selection of the team captain.
  • Coordinate the registration of the team and/or individuals for the competition.
  • Coordinate the collection of fees from team members.
  • Coordinate the payment of team and/or individuals fees.
  • Be the team's main point of contact.
  • Provide updates and reports on the teams performance.
  • Assist the Frivolous treasurer in the preparation of the financial report at the completion of the competition.

Where applicable, the team manager should also:

  • Maintain league attendance sheets.
  • Coordinate the selection of team members.
  • Assist the team captain and/or coach with the organisation of team trainings (ie. booking fields).

Essential Criteria

  • Access to Internet facilities (ie. email and web browsing)
  • Membership of Frivolous and the AFDA.
  • Strong written and oral communication skills.

Desirable Criteria

Ideally the team manager is someone who:

  • Has previous experience organising or running a team.
  • Is well organised and self-motivated.
  • Has access to word processing and spreadsheet programs.
  • Has a good knowledge of FUI, TUA, and AFDA policies that relate to events the team is participating in.


Once the club is more established some firm benefits to being a team manager should be outlined.

Term of Appointment and Time Commitment Requirements

  • The team manager is appointed by the Frivolous committee for a term that lasts until the conclusion of the competition the team is participating in and the final reports have been completed.
  • The estimated time commitment required as a team manager is 2 hours per week (excluding attending/playing in the competition).
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